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Grand Prairie PD giving out safety key lock boxes for elderly

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GRAND PRAIRIE -- You`ve probably seen hundreds of commercials like the ones where they say, "I've fallen and I can't get up!" But they never show you how the police get into the home.

Well, Grand Prairie Police Chaplain, Emil Balliet, has a new idea that's a little outside of the box, as part of the Senior Safety Program, to give police another entrance when helping senior citizens.

"We have this extra key lock box for their home," says Balliet, "the cover has a code which is unique to every residence."

That info goes to dispatchers and for those thinking you could break one of these, good luck! They're solid metal.

"I`ll be honest with you a thief would be wasting their time trying to get the key out of here," says Balliet. "Instead they`re going to kick in a door or they`re going to break in a window."

Two weeks in and they`re cruising!

"Since it`s inception," says Assistant Grand Prairie Police Chief, Christy Martinez, "Chaplain Balliet has been able to install 15 lock boxes in the community."

One of which was at Eva Green`s house after her daughter saw it on Facebook. "Oh, I think it`s great! It would save your door and save them time in getting in as well."

So how did she get a lock box?

You apply! You must live in Grand Prairie, be 65 years or older, and live alone or frequently be left alone. There are some exceptions and financial help.

Did we call this idea outside the box? Maybe it's in the box, but that's the point, right?



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