A Real Housewives of Dallas star donates stem cells to help a person in need

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A Real Housewives of Dallas star underwent surgery to potentially save a life.

Stephanie Hollman donated bone marrow to help a person in need!

And as he should be - her hubby, Travis made sure his Instagram followers knew how proud he was of his wife.

He posted a pre-surgery picture of Stephanie smiling in a hospital bed and wrote, "shes a superhero in my books!"

And we can't really blame him.
Travis posted what Stephanie had to endure, and it was a lot. He wrote that his wife got a direct tube put into her jugular, and had all of the blood taken out of her body for two days!

After the surgery, Stephanie let all of her fans know in an Instagram post that she's OK, and thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers - saying, "If I could give you all a big, warm hug, I would!"

Thankfully - Stephanie, a mother of two, recovered in time to spend Mother's Day with the family.

We may never know exactly who the donation went to, but we do know one thing for sure: everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes out goodwill.