Subculture: FIT4MOM Proves Moms Can Do It All

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DALLAS-No question, moms can do it all! Fit4mom Dallas Park Cities is a new workout program that allows babies and their moms to bond and interact while breaking a sweat. It's more than just a stroll in the park. These mommas are lunging and sprinting while watching over their beautiful babies.

Kat Rehwinkel leads a group of moms looking to stay in shape at all stages of motherhood. Rehwinkel says the bonds created with other women at the same stage in life helps get them get through those tough days with toddlers.

In addition to working out with their babies, the Fit4mom ladies get together for weekly Mom’s Night Out and quarterly Our Villiage Mom’s Club events.

The group of new and expecting moms meets at North Park Center Courtyard every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 a.m. For more info visit them here.