Romp on his rear? Why ‘RompHIMs’ might be your #MCM’s summer ’17 outfit

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CHICAGO -- From clip-in man buns to male skirts, we thought we had seen it all! But, it looks like another trend for the fellas is way too fashion-forward for our fancy! Introducing: rompers for men, a.k.a brompers,a.k.a romphims, a.k.a., "What the hell are y'all thinking?!"

It's that one-piece summer suit the ladies like to wear, only in masculine form. According to a Kickstarter campaign raising money to fund this fashion project, the romphim is a revolution.

The outfit hasn't officially gone mainstream yet but a couple of business school bros say they thought of the idea over some beers and are now looking for your support.

Well, we took this #romphim talk to Twitter and surprisingly there are mixed reviews.

Some are even claiming the 'romphim' has already been worn by Cam Newton and a couple of other fashion-forward celebs.


BTW: that Kickstarter campaign we mentioned has already collected over $60,000 and exceeded its goal. So, whether you like it or not, your #mcm just might be romping all summer '17.