Forget snacks! This vending machine has the morning after pill

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DAVIS, CA -- You can find anything in a vending machine nowadays. Cupcakes, weed (where it's legal), even cars! The new thing making it's way the front of the line? The morning after pill.

The University of California, Davis' alumni Parteek Singh came up with the idea of installing a vending machine on campus, but instead of Kit-Kats and Doritos, there'd be Plan B.

Parteek's idea came about after some of his friends wanted emergency contraception on a Friday night, but stores were either closed or fresh out. So, Parteek came up with another way. After two years of trial and error, the "Wellness To Go" machine is finally sitting on UC Davis' campus.

The machine doesn't just spit out Plan B though. It's also stocked with condoms, feminine hygiene products, and Advil. Not to mention, it helps students skip the awkward encounter of buying contraception from an actual person.

So whether students are in the mood for food or some hanky panky, at least these California kids can play it safe!

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