Family complains of poor conditions at local cemetery

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DALLAS — It’s not the way you ever want your loved one’s resting place to look.

“We are very dissatisfied, we are very displeased,” said Freddie Ransom. “It is just not acceptable.”

Freddie Ransom and her family buried their mother in a private mausoleum at Laurel Land cemetery in Dallas back in 1993, and at first the arrangement was a beautiful one.

“The first ten years the maintenance was exceptional,” Ransom recounted.

But since then, the state of the mausoleum has gone downhill and she says that regular visits to her mother’s grave always show a sad state of missing flower holders, dirty floors and a collapsing marble wall. And she says it was worse than ever when they visited this past Mother’s Day.

“This is not the first time this has happened but this was by far the worst I have ever seen,” said Ransom.

A quick look at Laurel Land cemetery shows well kept plots, nice landscaping and beautiful monuments and statues, which makes the state of this mausoleum all the stranger.

We reached out to Laurel Land for comment and they gave us this statement:

“We are committed to providing all families with a well-maintained environment for visitation and remembrance. We value the relationships we have with our client families and encourage anyone with concerns to contact us directly.”

As for Freddie Ransom, she just hopes the fixes will come soon.

“We are very dissatisfied, we are very displeased,” Ransom said. “I’m sorry, she is not resting in peace. I know we’re not.”