Deaths from people not wearing their seat belts have risen

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Fort Worth-- We’ve all seen the commercials about “click it or ticket”

The campaign has been around for 15 years.  It's a reminder to millions of drivers that wearing a seat belt is important.

“When we started this campaign, something like 75 percent of people were using seat belts,” said Val Lopez with TxDot. “Now we have that figure in the low 90`s. but there`s still work to be done.”

TxDot says last year the number of un-belted deaths jumped 9 percent.

“This is inexcusable. Its a simple easy thing to do every time you get in the car, and its just not drivers either.”

Turns out lots of passengers don't buckle up. Maybe they're getting a false sense of security when they catch a ride.

“Even if you are a passenger, what can happen is you can become a projectile in a wreck, not only hurt yourself but the driver and other passengers as well. So it`s very important every single person in the car be restrained.”

If you're in a car accident, your chance of surviving is 45-percent better if you're wearing a seat belt. If you`re in a truck, it's 60 percent better.

“For whatever reason people who drive trucks have a lower rate of compliance and they’re vulnerable to being thrown out of their cars because they tip over easier than passenger vehicles.”

It is not only good advice, it`s also the law. if you get caught unbuckled it could cost you up to $250. More importantly, it could cost you your life.