New Toyota HQ opens in Plano while company looks to fly by 2020

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PLANO -- The first wave of employees started Monday at the shiny new Toyota headquarters in Plano.

"We're gonna see 250 employees a week coming to the new facility through the fall," said Plano's Mayor, Harry LaRosiliere.

That plan will keep Toyota's estimated 4,000 employees from hitting the area all at once, but even if it comes in little waves instead of one big one, that's thousands of new folks working in Plano - many coming in from across the country.

A lot of those employees are already having trouble finding places to live, and everyone will feel the traffic pain once Toyota HQ is fully staffed.  But Mayor LaRosiliere says those are still good problems to have.

"If there's traffic because it's a desirable place to be, and jobs are created, I'll take it," said the mayor.

At any rate, Toyota bringing folks in a few at a time will also give crews time to put the finishing touches on the campus that they've been building since 2014.

Hey, a lot's changed in the last three years, and the next three years could see even more change.

Toyota recently invested in a company called Cartivator says they want to be making flying cars in time for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Hey, at least flying cars might help with the traffic problem Plano's about to have, right?