8-year old Ohio boy committed suicide due to bullying

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CINCINNATI, OHIO -- Another child took his own life after being the victim of relentless bullying.

New surveillance video has surfaced and it's raising a lot of questions about what led up to 8-year old Gabriel Taye's suicide. The video shows Gabriel laying unconscious in the boys restroom of Carson Elementary in Ohio just two days before he hung himself.

For several minutes, other students seem to be walking by Gabriel without so much as a passing glance. One boy eventually points at Gabriel's unconscious body, teachers were finally called and Gabriel walked away. 48 hours later, Gabriel wouldn't walk away.

Upset parents from Gabe's school are now stepping forward; their kids also the victims of bullying.

"Constant bullying all the time, non-stop, every single day," Kathryn Lundy said.

"It's happening to all these kids. They're getting bullied and being disrespected, and it should stop," another mother, Bobbie Brown said. "They're coming home, and they're getting upset, and they're crying to me, and I'm trying to do something about it."

Gabriel's mom was told her son simply fainted in the bathroom, but now she knows bullying is a factor in the her son's death, and it's time to speak up.