#Avocadohand: doctors want warning labels on avocados

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LONDON, ENGLAND -- People have been obsessed with avocado lately. They're putting it in their hair, on their face, and there are the usual health benefits.

Do you know who doesn't like avocados nowadays? The UK, specifically, doctors in the UK, and not because they don't love the taste!

Turns out doctors are having a hard time with people who love avos so much, they're getting a little carried away and accidentally cutting themselves instead of the 'cado.

Doctors in the UK have dubbed the injury 'avocado hands,' and they're sick of seeing it. They're demanding a warning label be put on the fruit with some avoca-do's and don'ts.

For one, how to actually peel the sucker and get the pit out.

Avocado hands are a thing now people and can be easily avoided. So cut it out, you guys. You're no Edward Scissorhands!

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