Why Ian Harding’s first book isn’t your typical Hollywood story

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DALLAS -- After  seven seasons it's no secret Pretty Little Liars is a series turned subculture with millions tuning in for every episode. Thursday, some of those same fans followed 'Ezra' a.k.a Ian Harding to Half Price Books.

He snapped pics and promoted his new book Odd Birds.

"They love the book because cause it's very fun to read," Ian said in an interview with NewsFix.

Oddly enough, his read isn't quite your typical Hollywood story. Instead, Ian has taken on another subject he's studied since he was six-years-old birding: Birding.

"Growing up in Virginia we had access to woods and trees," Ian explained. "I happened to connect to it, it's just something I love it was so fascinating there were these things that fly around."

As quiet as it's kept, Ian says he's never really had time to do anything else but write while filming #PLL, so he's hoping his words will inspire his fans to flock to birding.

"It's just a hobby that gets you outside gets you out of your own head especially for me where you constantly have your phone," he added.

Ian is officially a free-bird since #PLL is ending, so he's secretly plotting new projects.

"This thing called office uprising which is like a Resident Evil meets Shawn of the Dead type of movie. It's like the kind of movie where people are getting well explode but you're laughing."

But if you're expecting for Ian to play some super hero in some super movie, you'll have to wait for his bird call on that.

"I always thought Spiderman was really great but I actually would love to play a villain," he explained.