Stand to Honor: Remembering our American heroes

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DALLAS -- In the shadows of Victory Plaza is a message of patriotism.

"One percent of our country suit up every day to defend our freedoms. What we're doing out here standing, it’s easy,” says Travis Mount of Stand to Honor.

What’s the goal? It’s simple! To raise money for 200 scholarships that will be donated to the Folds of Honor Foundation. Those scholarships will help the spouses and children of America’s fallen.

“The way we all look at it is if my wife or my kid heard this message that dad wasn't coming home, I would want a crazy group of people standing, doing something to help support me, to help educate my legacy," Mount said.

On May 6, people began standing in 13-minute increments, on 13 platforms, representing the 13 folds in the American flag given to the family when an American hero has fallen.

"In these platforms, there are boot prints of the actual soldiers we're standing for. That way we can stand in their footsteps, stand in the gap and pay tribute to the monument to their sacrifice and honor them in the way that these heroes deserve,” says Mount.

And it doesn't stop until the goal is reached.

"We’re approaching 148 hours of standing nonstop and we're going to continue standing,"  Mount said. “We’re not going to stop until we raise a million dollars."

The fallen have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. It's only right we stand for them.

To learn more about Stand to Honor or sign up to stand with them, check their website.