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Mother’s Day competing with Valentine’s Day at the florist!

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DALLAS - Apparently the Super Bowl of florist holidays is here, and no, it's not Valentine's Day.

Believe it or not, Mother's Day accounts for about one-fourth of flower sales on holidays.

That means, according to the National Retail Federation, an estimated $2.6 billion will be spent on flowers for Mom.

With that said, we decided to hit up Petals and Stems Florist in Dallas to see the calm before the storm, and of course, calm is all relative.

"We're running 19 delivery vans today and tomorrow, so on a normal day we just run six delivery vans," says Brad Weinstein, Vice President of Petals and Stems.

With the first delivery just after 5:00 a.m., the fight over the busiest holiday is in full bloom.

"About five, six years ago, we saw mother's day start to come back up again," says Weinstein.

"It just feels like a pat on the back every year. They don't come every day during the year so it feels really special," says Amanda Beidle, a mother of three.

Yeah, Mother's Day is back on top, and this could be why.

"It's Mother's Day but it's more than that," explains Weinstein. "So many people have mother figures in their lives or aunts or neighbors."

Single moms, grandmothers, foster moms, they all fit the bill.

In fact, the United States Census Bureau reported last year that 23% of all children live with a single mother. That's up from eight percent just 50 years ago.

"Hopefully you have family and support," says Beidle, "but I think being a single mom would be very hard."

So whether you have a single mom, two parents, two moms, or anything in between, don't forget to snag a card, flowers, or an extra special treat, and if all else fails, just say what Bob Ellis told us he would say to his mother if she were here now.:

"I love you, Mom."



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