Dog reunited with his mom for Mother’s Day

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GEORGETOWN, KY -- Mother's day is upon us! What did you get for your mom? One lucky momma got the ultimate gift from her son, but with a little twist!

Waylon and his owner Paige decided to give Waylon's birth mom a very special surprise. A doggy reunion!

"We took a road trip to reunite Waylon with his dog mom because everyone should be with their mom on mother's day," Paige said in the Dose video on Facebook.

Waylon and Paige live in Chicago, Illinois and made the long trek down to Georgetown, Kentucky.

"It took like 11 hours the first day because we stopped so many times," Paige told Newsfix. "Probably like 7 to 8 hours on the way back."

After hours on the road, Paige and Waylon finally made it to Kentucky.

"Tomorrow's the big day are you excited?" She asked Waylon.

Then the magic moment when Waylon and his mom Addie reunited.

"It was so funny and goofy, but also heartwarming at the same time," Paige recalled from the moment Waylon and his dog mom reunited. "We pulled up and she was sitting atop this giant beautiful hill in Kentucky, with the morning sun shining down on her. It was so picturesque and just ridiculously adorable."

Since Addie gets this special gift from Waylon, does Waylon's human mom have something special planned?

"No I haven't made plans but I have been wondering, is anyone gonna acknowledge that I'm kind of a mom to this dog on Mother's Day?"

Giving your mom flowers or jewelry is great and all, but being there with her? You can't beat it.

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