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Class Act: Trinity sophomore dominates the Rugby field

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EULESS — Jamaya Hawkins is a trailblazer, pounding her way into a sporting world that most girls wouldn’t consider, and that’s what makes her our Class Act of the Week.

Jamaya is a sophomore at Trinity High in Euless, but her biggest passion is on the Rugby field at the Plano Rugby Club.

“When I usually tell people I play, they’ll be like, ‘You play rugby? I thought that was for boys,’” said Jamaya.

But Jamaya has defied that. She started playing co-ed rugby in the 7th grade, but she was so good that the coaches started moving her over to the varsity games!

“She would literally go from playing a co-ed game in middle school to play a varsity game in girl’s high school,” said John Hunter with the Plano Rugby Club.

And she’s been loving rugby ever since.

“You’re going to make friends no matter what,” Jamaya said. “It’s a very positive sport, it’s just a really fun sport.”

“Jamaya is just fantastic, her attitude is always positive,” said Hunter. “She’s always had a lot of spirit, always had a lot of confidence in her play style, and she’s just a delight to have around.”

Leading the way she hopes other girls will jump into this growing sport.

“Most girls are scared that they’re going to get killed by a bigger player but size does not matter,” she said. “It’s all about technique. Girls that want to come out and play, just come out with a positive attitude and don’t expect the worst, because than it’s going to happen. If you have a positive attitude throughout the game, then everything’s going to be fine.”

Hey, everybody. That wraps up this school year for Class Acts! Enjoy your summer and we’ll see you in the fall!

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