Veterans are combining brain and body for the best kind of rehab

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DALLAS, Tx. - You always hear that the body and brain need to work together to go together. Well, David Vobora's gym and the Cerebrum Health Centers have taken that to heart, and have stepped up to help veterans with their rehabilitation goals.

"On December 14, 2010 we were conducting a dismounted foot patrol and I actually knelt down on an IED waiting to make entry into a building," says Blake Watson who served in United States Marine Corps.

"I was a bodyguard and I got injured in 2005," says Patrick Myers who also served in United States Marine Corps. "[I] got hit with a roadside bomb, got ambushed and the legs were gone."

Both Pat and Blake have incredible stories about their service and how they made it to this point, but what exactly does their recovery entail?

First, it begins with the Adaptive Training Foundation and rehabilitation workouts at the Performance Vault. The next step for the body, is to focus on the brain.

"A lot of it is based off using functional ability to promote things like focus and concentration," says Ross Solis, Doctor of Chiropractic Neurologist with Cerebrum Health Centers.

"So we're retraining the eyes and retraining the inner ear systems on balance so they get kind of a better overall brain function when they're going throughout their day; more efficient brain function I should say," explains Lara Davis, a Physical Therapist with Cerebrum Health Centers.

Each person has their own treatment.

"You're treated as a whole bodied individual, there's nothing different about you just because you sit in a chair or you're missing a leg. We'll just find a new way to do it," says Blake.

"It was the first time I felt like a Marine again in over 11 years," says Pat. "I haven't felt like a Marine in years. But now I feel like that guy, that can go out and do anything..."

Little steps to achieving the real goal, to better the lives of those who put their lives on the line, for ours.