Mormon church cuts ties with Boy Scouts programs for older teens

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- First, they allowed gay troop leaders, then they opened their doors to transgender members.

It's obvious the Boy Scouts of America has gone through some colorful changes over the years, but this might be the kind of "change" the Mormons aren't quite feeling.

On Thursday, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints announced they've decided to cut ties with two of the organization's programs. Considering they are the Boy Scouts' biggest sponsor, this will affect over 130,000 scouts.

To be honest, this news doesn't come as a surprise for most.

Although the religion said they would stick with the scouts after announcing a policy to allow gay troop leaders, they still said they were "deeply troubled" by it.

Scouting has been a "rite of passage" for Mormon teens.

The church is taking a new route and will start a league of their own.

"Young men activities will focus on spiritual, social, physical and intellectual goals outlined by the church," said they in a statement.

Another statement from The Boy Scouts said they "appreciate" their relationship and "recognize not all programs are a perfect fit."

We'll have to watch to see how this bittersweet break up will play out.