Cast of ‘Momma’s Boy’ play stops by NewsFix to show motherly love

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DALLAS -- There's nobody like Momma so it's only right we dedicate an entire day to our most dearest!

To make Mother's Day even better, the stage play "Momma's Boy" has stopped in Dallas.

The "dramedy" has it's fair share of tears and laughter as a woman is forced to choose between the man she loves and her son.

"Well, it really is what it says. 'Momma's Boy', explained Robin Givens. " I'm in a relationship with a man who's a 'Momma's Boy' but the ironic thing is she too has two sons and she caters to them."

The actress has given us all kinds of characters in the past, but she says this particular play hits close to home considering she has a tight relationship with her own two sons.

We all love and know TV mom Jackee Harry who played Lisa on Sister, Sister.

This time around, Jackee is proud to participate in a play that puts a spotlight on a stigma in the Black community.

"We butter up our sons, we spoil them and won't let them grow," Jackee explained. "It's a lot of young men who grow up with out fathers a lot of grandmothers raise young men."

A play isn't really a play without some saaaangin', and Tony Grant promises to deliver just that.

"I'm not the Momma's Boy. I am the momma's boy, if you understand," Grant said.

So, it doesn't matter whether you're taking your mom to see a play or just spending some time with her, just make sure she knows she's appreciated.