Blogger to serve jail time for playing Pokemon Go in church

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YEKATERINBURG, Russia – A court found a man guilty of insulting religious believers and inciting hatred for playing Pokemon Go in a local Orthodox church.

Ruslan Sokolovsky, 22, filmed himself playing the popular app in a church in August 2016 and was arrested shortly after.

He pleaded not guilty during the trail.

In his video, Sokolovsky can be seen saying the risk of him being arrested was “complete nonsense.”

He apologized to the religious believers and added that the way he delivered his video was “too cynical for Russian society.”

The verdict, serving jail time for three and a half years, left him relieved.

“Until the very last moment I didn’t know what the sentencing would be, that’s why I was very nervous and feared I would get a real prison term,” he told BBC.