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Plano police have been stepping up their technology game

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PLANO - Plano Police have been kicking their technology up a notch, and looking at what it creates, you might think you’re in a scene from the movie Inception.

So what exactly is this CSI-looking tool?

"It’s a 3D laser scanner that captures 50,000 points per second," said Leica GeoSystems Sales Manager Ryan Rezzelle. "Each pulse of light strikes an area, in a scene, at a crime scene, in a crash scene, and each point that is struck by that laser light is measured.”

Basically, it can recreate an exact 360-degree view of any scene and, unlike a photo, it’s all to scale.

“It’s just an objective scene because it captures everything exactly as it was," Rezzelle said.

“It gives us a clear indication of what took place and we want everyone else to see it," said Plano Police Traffic Investigator Andrae Smith.

Whether it's for a crime scene or a crash like the one back in February that killed two high school students, Smith says the laser technology lets them work faster and more accurately.

"We want judges, we want prosecutors, we want the media, we want everyone, victims and their families even, to see exactly how the police department investigated that," says Smith.

While this new tool may be expensive, with equipment, software, and training sitting around $200,000, most probably agree, it`s money well spent!


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