Marijuana can probably keep your brain young when you’re old

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- We all know it by one of it's many names: Mary Jane, grass, the devil's lettuce.

Plus, we've all heard the studies: weed will make you go blind! Weed will give you a heart attack! There's a new study now and you won't believe what they're saying this time.

New research suggests marijuana could keep your brain young forever! Don't get your hopes up though, because to be blunt: researchers behind this say it's only for the elderly and have only tested mice so far.

Scientists gave the older mice a small dose of THC to test their spatial skills and memory, and guess what! The old mice did just as well as the young mice! However, when the young mice were given THC, they didn't do so hot.

This could lead to major medical breakthroughs when it comes to Dementia and Alzheimer's and they want to start human trials sometime this year. So sorry youngins! Sounds like smoking a big ole' doobie won't do you any good, at least not until you're older.