Man suspected of killing an engaged Boston couple has been charged with murder

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BOSTON, MA -- The man suspected of brutally murdering two Boston doctors has been charged with murder.

Thirty-year- old Bampumim Teixeira, a West African immigrant, was arraigned from his hospital bed in Boston, Monday while being treated for wounds he suffered during a gunfight with police.

Teixeira is accused of killing the engaged couple, 49-year-old Richard Field, and 38-year-old Lina Bolanos in their penthouse apartment Friday night.

Police say minutes before his death, Dr. Field texted a friend about a man with a gun and pleaded for help. When the police arrived, they got into a shootout with Teixeira, who was arrested and later taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The police found the bodied of both doctors, bound and throats cut, inside the apartment.

According to officials, there was also a "message of revenge" written on the wall, along with destroyed pictures of the couple.

Officials still don't know how Tiexeira got inside the luxury, high-security apartment, and whether or not the three were somehow connected. But they did discover a backpack full of jewelry inside the 2-million-dollar apartment.

Tiexeira, who was recently released after being convicted of larceny, pleased "not guilty" on two counts of murder.

Well, regardless of who did it, one thing is for sure: two lives were cut drastically short.