DeSoto football coach officially on the job for 2017

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DESOTO -- A DeSoto high school football coach who many thought was going to get the boot - is sticking around!

The school board voted 5 to 3 in favor of renewing coach Todd Peterman's contract for 2017 football season at the meeting, Monday night.

But was this really a surprise? He did just lead the Desoto Eagles to their first, ever. state championship back in December!

Yea, we've never heard of any coached getting canned after winning a state championship.. at least not in Texas.

So why would Peterman's contract be in question in the first place? That's a question many DeSoto residents have been asking, as many of them stood behind Peterman throughout the board's deliberations.

And since the school board hasn't been saying much over the past two weeks, people were left to guess. And they did.

Many suspected that it was one of two things: either race related (a white coach in a predominately black school)  or UIL violations (which are accusations that Peterman has denied from day one).

Now, we may never know exactly what happened here, but we do know where the community's loyalty is - and that's behind their head football coach, Todd Peterman.