“Are you black?” Student criticized for being too fair-skinned for Miss Black University of Texas

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HOUSTON-- Racheal Malonson can't even celebrate her reign as Miss Black University of Texas because critics are claiming she's too fair skinned!

But what's not "fair" is the ugly comments she's received from social media and her peers behind her historic beauty pageant win.

UT's Kappa Alpha Psi Chapter has been crowning queens for years as part of a scholarship program. You have to be a women and have some African American in your heritage in order for you to qualify.

Funny thing is Racheal does fit the criteria, but people are more worried about how she looks and not why she won.

"Someone literally asked me 'are you black?' 'Can you prove it to me?' I was like 'yeah, my dad's black and my mom's white," Racheal explained in an interview. "I don't fit the stereotypical look that you would think a black person would fit."

One UT professor claims the reasoning behind the criticism is that "people of African descent who are more phenotypically black, if you will, have not gotten positive messages about their looks."

Well, it would be another story if she was out here pulling a Rachel Dolezal. But, In this Rachael's case she's getting backlash for not being black enough to hold a 'freakin crown!

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