‘Star Wars’ actor Mike Quinn hits DFW to talk about the saga

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McKINNEY, TX — After "May The 4th," there was no better way to cap off Star Wars Weekend than out at DFW’s best Star Wars shop: Collector’s Saga.

Out there, we caught up with Mike Quinn. Mike is a movie magic maker who got his start with Muppets and Jim Henson, but made the jump to hyperspace when he was brought on to help with Return of the Jedi.

“A lot of us guys were trained up to work creatures basically and perform them, animatronic creatures and that kind of thing,” said Quinn, a puppeteer and animator. “So it made sense for LucasFilm to sort of commandeer a lot of us for the third Star Wars film”

His biggest role in that film was Lando Calrissian’s co-pilot: Nien Nunb, and the alien quickly became a fan favorite.

“For this particular character he will live on long after I’m gone which is sort of an interesting thought,” Quinn said. “So it’s kind of like leaving a baby behind.”

Then Mike reprised his role as Nien Nunb in “The Force Awakens” back in 2015.

“That was an amazing opportunity and a gift really,” Quinn recounted.

And here’s a scoop for fans: he’ll be back for “Episode VIII: The Last Jedi”!

So any chance we can get a NewsFix exclusive spoiler for the new movie?

“I don’t know anything else other than the scenes I was involved in,” said Quinn. “And it’s great so it’s like seeing a movie totally for the first time.”

So we’ll all be waiting until December for the next chapter in the galaxy’s biggest saga, but 40 years since the story first hit the silver screen one thing is clear: Star Wars is bigger than ever.