Election Day Drama: Dallas County looking into voter fraud allegations

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WEST DALLAS -- Some folks in West Dallas are dealing with potential voter fraud.

"We came across a personal person that went through that and she was very angry," local Adam Jacob Loredo told NewsFix.

Election officials put out a notice saying they're investigating after people in West Dallas received vote-by-mail ballots that they never even requested!

It's something candidate Omar Narvaez tried to push pass as voters hit the polls Saturday.

"We've just kept it positive and told people make sure you get out and vote," Narvaez said. "And make sure you keep your ballot and secure your ballot for yourself, follow the law. There's been a lot of rumors and heresay."

So, what are people supposed to do if they get something in the mail they're not supposed to? Election officials directed us to their important notice pop-up on their Dallas county votes website. It says that if you received a ballot by mail but didn't request it, do not throw it away. :og a complaint you can call, email, or fax the elections office.

Heck, who knew getting something on-time in the mail could possibly delay election results.