Beyonce’s rep goes HAM on gossip site for lip injection rumors!

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LOS ANGELES — Usually, a queen doesn’t have to address the rumors from peasants. But when people start buzzin’ about Queen Bey’s “alleged” lip injections, it was hard for her rep to keep tight-lipped about it.

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Yep, out of all the rumors to address, her team has tackled the distasteful rumor from a gossip site.

In a statement, Beyonce’s long-time rep asks, “What do you know about the effects of pregnancy on a woman’s entire body?” She then follows up with a list of things that tend to swell up and out when a women is preggo — including lips.

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She even kinda, sorta, but-not-really addressed those fake pregnancy rumors.

Y’all remember when Beyonce’s belly flat lined when she was reportedly carrying Blue? Well, her rep claimed the people who bullied Bey about that are “cowards!”

One thing’s for sure, we wish her rep went this hard and addressed that epic elevator moment. ‘Cause Bey-baaaaay we still wanna know who “Becky with the good hair is.”