YouTube “pranksters” lose custody of two kids after fans report child abuse

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MARYLAND - Nasty "episodes" of parenting-gone-wrong has turned a daddy of five into a daddy of three!

Mike and Heather Martin ran a YouTube channel together to broadcast family video.

But they were no ordinary videos, the "Daddy of Five" couple were pulling cruel pranks on their five kids to gain subscribers.

In one of the videos posted, nine-year-old Cody is hiding in the bathtub and screaming that he hates his life.

And if that wasn't enough, in another video, Mike destroys Cody's Xbox, leaving him in tears.

Well, the Maryland couple gained over 750,000 subscribers and reportedly made $350,000 a year from their channel.

But there is no happy ending here.

After fans saw some of the recent videos, they reported the couple to Child Services for "child abuse," which resulted in them losing custody of two of the  children to their biological mother.

The two have since posted an apology video, but we're not sure how well that's going to for for them.

But, maybe the destroying of the Xbox wasn't so bad after all, because according to a new study, giving your babies too much "screen time" can have some not-so-pleasant side effects.

The study out of Toronto found that the more time babies spend on iPads and other devices, the more likely they'll have delays in speech.

Researchers found that every half-hour increase results in a nearly 50 percent increased risk of delay.

Yeah, turns out sometimes, it's the parents who need parenting the most.





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