Mexican- American rapper Kap G explains exactly why he’s doing it for his ‘culture’

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DALLAS -- Rap artist Kap G has at least three reasons to be on his high horse!

His single, Girlfriend, has over 17-million hits on YouTube, he's currently on tour with major music artists, and is one of the very few Mexican-American rappers in the game!

"It's not a lot of Latinos in Hip Hop so you have to go extra harder," Kap G said in an exclusive interview with NewsFix. "I'm just trying break that barrier."

To break those barriers, Kap G is putting it all on paper. The 22-year-old's writing inspiration comes from his parents' struggle to provide a better life for him and his siblings.

"My mom and dad are from Mexico and came here undocumented," Kap G explained. "I always like to talk about things we go through that even young kids and adults can relate to."

Besides doing it for his fam, Kap G's also doing it for his culture. On his recent album, he went full Charro and introduced us to his alter ego, Supa Jefe.

"If you've ever seen Dragon Ball Z, when Goku get mad and other characters they turn into this level and go crazy it's called Super Saiyan," he added. "The 'Jefe' part means boss in English."

You can can catch Kap G and Supa Jefe on Chris Brown's "Party Tour", where he promises fans "another level" type of experience!

"I feel like I'm on another level, I'm going extra hard."

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