Cinco do Mayo sparks bad jokes, hard feelings on Twitter

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Looking forward to drinking salsa, watching Speedy Gonzales, and speaking Spanish all day??

Well, that's how former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee joked he'd be spending his May 5, in a totally hilarious tweet...

Not surprisingly, it didn't go over too well.  Probably because it's not so much a joke as a list of lazy stereotypes...

Anyway, that's not the only Cinco drama social media has to offer this year.

It seems a lot of people think that if you voted for President Trump, you should build a wall between yourself and the kinda-sorta-Mexican holiday.  You don't have to look far to find twitter folk telling Trump supporters to "Cinco de Mind Yo Own Business."

But is that really fair?  That's not for us to say...

Keep in mind though that it's not an official holiday in Mexico, and it's mostly celebrated here in the States - and mostly as an excuse to drink.  Nothing political about Drinko de Mayo, right?

And sure, candidate Trump had some choice words for certain Mexican immigrants during the campaign, and is still trying to build his "big, beautiful wall..."

But hey, if we learned anything from last year's taco bowl tweet, it's that we shouldn't let all the wall talk fool us -- because Trump loves Hispanics.

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