Family gets booted off a Delta flight but this time, both parties are wrong

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LOS ANGELES - So when should people know when it's time to stop complaining and simply follow the rules?

A California family was forced off a Delta flight from Maui, Hawaii. But this time, the airline wasn't exactly at fault.

Brian and Brittany Schear purchased a ticket for their 18-year-old son, Mason, Then decided to send him home on an earlier flight -- and then they attempted to use the same ticket for their two-year-old-son.

So what was the problem here? Well, you typically can't transfer tickets from one person to another.

According to Delta Air Lines website, "Tickets are valid for the names passenger only and are not transferable." And the father still insisted he was right. The Schears made sure to record and share the incident on the internet.

But airline officials are not exactly innocent of disseminating false information here. They told the family that due to federal policy, their two-year-old son is not supposed to be in a seat, but on their lap. Because it's safer.

But in actuality, the FAA says that children are safer in a seat, not on laps. And even Delta, the airline the family used, encourages parents to purchase seats for children two and under.

It's even stated on their website, "For children under the age of two, we recommend you purchase a seat on the aircraft and use an approved safety seat."

Well, the Schear family was eventually kicked off the flight and was forced to repurchase all of their tickets, which allegedly cost them almost $2,000 dollars!

So what can we all get out of this?

A little research can make our trips to the sky a whole lot smoother.

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