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Dose of Reality: Mother relives son’s addiction to heroin

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Teresa Trussell knows the damaging impact addiction can have on a family.

Her son Eric, was one of many whose life was destroyed by heroin.

“From the moment he was born, he was charmer,” Teresa said. “He was just a good kid, very charismatic. When he was little, around 5 or so that’s when ‘Miami Vice’ was at it’s peek and Don Johnson always wore a white sports coat with pink shirts. For Easter when he was about 5 years old that is what he wanted, a suit like Don Johnson.” said Teresa

As Eric grew up he started to get into trouble.

“He was in trouble with the law a couple more times and this time it was for stealing,” said Teresa. “I couldn’t figure out why he was stealing. He was in and out of jail for several stints and I realized at  that point he was stealing because he was using money to buy drugs. But I didn’t realize it was as bad as it was.”

Meanwhile Eric’s brother, Jared  was also fighting an addiction to heroin and was even living on the streets. According to Teresa, Eric introduced the drug to Jared.

For many years Eric battled heroin addiction and tried many times to get clean.

Once he finally got clean, a friend from high school came to town and asked Eric to take him to score some heroin.

“Sunday morning August 17th,  my husband and I were sitting outside on the patio. It was a nice morning, and then a 214 number popped up on my screen. I usually don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize, but something told me to go a head and answer it,” said Teresa. “I answered the call and a gentlemen said, ‘is this Eric Rose’s mom?’ and I said, yes. He said ‘This is the Dallas county coroner’s office, I’m very sorry to tell you that your son, Eric, has passed away.”

Eric had over dosed. Meanwhile his brother Jared was still living on the streets, looking for his next fix.

Their younger bother Michael found Jared begging on the streets. Michael convinced his brother to call their mom and find out the truth about Eric.

“The first words out of Jared’s mouth was tell me it’s not Eric!” I told him, “I’m sorry son, it is Eric.” “About a week later Jared called me and he had checked himself into one of the local rehab places. To this day, he’s been clean for almost 3 years. If anything positive came out of Eric’s death, it’s that it shocked his brother Jared out of that path he was on.”

“I pray that it was enough that he will never go back down that road because I don’t want to lose two sons.”

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