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The Flash S03 E19: Killer Frost on a rampage, messed up Flashpoints and Savitar’s identity

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Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

“The once and future Flash” picks up right where “Abra Kadabra” left off with a now unleashed Killer Frost on a rampage! She nearly kills Julien with a killer cold kiss before escaping.

Rather than go after Caitlyn, Barry decides to go to the future to discover Savitar’s identity with the rationale that, thanks to time travel, he can be back at the very moment he leaves.

Once in the future, 8 years to be exact, the first two familiar faces he encounters are the Mirror Master and the Top who’ve had the run of Central City. So glad we’re not done with these two classic Flash villains. Their debut was such freak of the week I was going to be upset if we didn’t get more.

Due to Future Emo Barry’s grief over Iris, our Flash Squad has been disbanded. Wally catatonic after a battle with Savitar, Vibe without his powers because Killer Frost took his hands in battle, Julien watching over an imprisoned Killer Frost in Iron Heights and HR now owner of his beloved caffeine stand jitters.

Over the course of the episode, our Barry is able to rally the Flash Squad together because he, unlike them, hasn’t lost hope, bringing back their sense of family. A commitment he promised to Iris if Savitar were to win.

Emo Barry imparts some final knowledge before Flash returns to the past. Emo Barry was able to trap Savitar in the speed force prison thanks to tech created by scientist Tracy Brand.

Once back in the past we pick up with Killer Frost who’s been called by Savitar for a villainous alliance. She asks why she should trust him and Savitar unmasks! Which brings me to this week Flashpoints!

The Man Behind the Mask

So the next big question… if you’re watching this recap after the next new Flash you may already know this answer. At this point I'm speculating.

Let’s see. Savitar is a speedster and he knows all their secrets. The first obvious answer is Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash, but he died over in Legends of Tomorrow in the finale.

What if speed “runs” in the family?

Could it be his distant grand-father, Eddie Thawne? Villainy has a way of twisting motivations and a Barry/Iris romance certainly could upset Eddie who was originally engaged to Iris.

Killer Cure?

Did you know that in the comics Killer Frost isn’t Flash’s villain, but Firestorm's?

Caitlyn’s powers are derived from taking heat in the comics. This results in a constant hunger.

So what’s a constant heat source that could cure our Caitlyn? It’s Not Flash buuuuut Firestorm!

Remember when Firestorm died in season one and there wasn’t a body because he was sucked into the temporal singularity.? When Killer Frost asks “how can I trust you?” in the last episode and Savitar reveals himself, she’s like, "all right - sign me up!"

Who else would elicit a response like this this but a returned to life fiancee?

It’s punctuation, stupid.

While Ronnie may know all their secrets, he’s also not a speedster.

Neither Eddie nor Ronnie have been suggested this season.

Our biggest clue may come in the form of comma or a lack there of.

"I am the future, Flash."

Savitar’s said this a few times.

But, what if it’s "I am the future Flash."

No comma.

Barry as Savitar certainly would know all their secrets. It would also explain why future Wally is catatonic if he discovered it was Barry who killed Iris.

So, how is it Barry?

Well there was something weird future Emo Barry said last episode. He told Barry that in battling Savitar, Emo Barry even created time remnants and that Savitar killed them, mostly. Mostly?! Is Savitar a time remnant Barry? Or even in its simplest is Savitar a Flashpoint Barry?

Next up! Barry and the Flash Squad find the person with the key to stopping Savitar, scientist Tracy Brand! But, Killer Frost is after her too.

Is this the Savitar reveal? Maybe?

It’s the next new Flash, “I Know Who You Are.”

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