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Pink Petro: Women changing the face of the energy industry

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DALLAS -- When you think about the oil industry, you might think about the rig explosions and the oil spills.

You also probably think of it as a "Man's World."

"The gentleman asked me, he said, 'Why aren't you home with your daughter?' And... 'What's a pretty young lady like you doing in a dark dangerous business like oil, energy, gas,'" said Katie Mehnert, explaining how her company Pink Petro started.

Mehnert is trying to change how people see the oil and gas industry. She's the CEOĀ of the women's energy sector networking groupĀ called Pink Petro. And it's not JUST about changing opinions about women in the biz.

"I think most people's initial reaction is to fear or to cast the oil and gas industry, specifically, drilling as a bad thing," said Pink Petro member and registered patentĀ and trademark attorney, Sheri Higgins.

And when it comes to fracking concerns...

"The oil any gas industry's response to that was to push for additives that are food grade," Higgins said. "So, if it does accidentally contaminate a water table and those people consume the water they're not going to be harmed."

So why do we even need oil except to put gas in our cars?

"Oil and gas, especially oil is found in every product that we use, everything from our toothbrush to our cell phone," says Higgins.

Looks like most of us will need the oil and gas industry for a little while longer, and women like KatieĀ and Sheri will be working to be sure we have the oil we need.

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