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Shiny Hiney: Glitter butt trend is real and looks very messy

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LONDON, ENGLAND -- You guys are never gonna believe this newest trend. It's all about the shiny hiney: glitter on your butt!

Y'all, we can't make this stuff up.

Glitter butt started thanks to body painter Mia Kennington. She was inspired by that whole sand-on-your-butt look and decided to take it a step further. Now Kennington and her U.K.-based company are coming up with insane designs that are perfect for festivals and parties.

The Gypsy Shrine is known for their face art and hair braiding. With this new butt glitter, there's no telling what they'll think of next.

Go all out as a magical mermaid!

Or keep it subtle with just a little bit of devils dust on your derriere.

As if glitter wasn't hard enough to get off already, try wiping it from where the sun don't shine!

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