Snakes on the Plains: Why more snakes are slithering around DFW

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MCKINNEY -- Scary snake scenes in movies are endless, but what happens when you see one of these slithery fellows in your backyard? Or 10 of them like a woman in the Facebook group "What kind of snake is this? North Texas"?

Many locals say they're seeing more snakes this year than ever! But why is that?

"As they clear and develop, the snakes are going to be moving from areas where there was [a] home to a new area and that could be your back yard," explained Snake Educator Amethyst Roney, who also removes poisonous snakes.

She says should you find one, or 10, of these sneaky snakes, call in an expert because you need to know what you're dealing with, "Everybody knows, 'It's a snake, it's venomous and be afraid.' They never learned that there are this plethora of non-venomous snakes out there."

Those non-venomous ones eat all the nasty insects in your gardens. So you might be seeing more, but that doesn't mean you need to be locked away inside your home.

"If you're out gardening or cleaning up bushes around your house, use gloves, use tools, make sure you see where you're putting your hands and feet," Roney said.

And if you're bitten, she says get to the hospital ASAP.

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