President Trump’s first 100 days, by the numbers

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - In case you didn't notice, about a hundred days ago, a new president was sworn into office. So, let's see how his first 100 days have held up by the numbers.

Donald Trump became president with 62,979,636 popular votes, only 2,864,974 fewer votes than Hillary Clinton's 65,844,610 votes. However, thanks to that funny little thing called the Electoral College, he got 306 electoral votes to win the presidency!

As for what he's been doing since that first day in office, he's stayed pretty busy. In his first 100 days, he's signed 28 bills into laws, 29 executive orders, met with 16 foreign leaders, and held 9 news conferences including one where he refused German Chancellor Angela Merkel a handshake.

President Trump has also visited 10 states, 0 foreign countries, held 17 golf outings, and spent 25 days at his private resort Mar-A-Lago – which is 25% percent of his total time in office!

It's also worth looking at what hasn't yet happened.

During his first 100 days as Commander in Chief, Trump has started building 0 walls, passed 0 healthcare legislation, had his 2 travel bans blocked, and has released 0 current tax returns.

And then there's Russia. So far, 18 people on Trump's team, including him, have been accused of having Russian ties.

Trump also ordered the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles to bomb a Syrian air base and one "Mother of All Bombs" to take out ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan.

That's a brief look at President Trump's first one hundred days in office by the numbers. Has he been successful?

Well, that all depends on your political views, but currently only 44% of people think he has started to Make America Great Again.

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