Class Act: Conrad culinary team wins healthy cooking competition

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DALLAS — A good meal and a good team needs the right ingredients, and the Conley Culinary Team has a stocked pantry on both counts, and that’s what makes them our Class Act of the Week.

Karla Pocanegra, Jorge Bahena and Trishna Biswa are all seniors at Conley High, and members of the school’s culinary team that just won Dallas ISD’s Cooking Up Change competition.

“We came in with the mentality of winning and we weren’t going with anything less,” said Jorge. “And just hearing our name up there, being first place it was just wonderful, excitement.”

The competition is a tough one. Meals have to cost less than a buck-25 ($1.25), meet strict health guidelines, while also tasting and looking delicious.

“We had to come up with everything at first and we were like ‘oh. let’s do that, let’s do this,’” Trishna said. “That’s what made it taste good and our dedication as well. We had to put our efforts and our ability of thinking and all that stuff here.”

It was through collaboration that the meal came together.

“We all said we can put the lettuce in and the tomato,” recounted Karla. “We also did the banana delight, like I thought that the yogurt was better on top and they thought that the banana was better than the apple and we just put it all together.”

“I’m so proud of these three, I don’t know what to do,” Cheryll Harris the head chef at Conrad said. “They take on challenges like it’s nothing.”

And the challenges aren’t done yet. The Conley cooking squad is now on to the national competition in Washington DC, and their confidence is higher than the oven’s temperature!

“We’re bringing the trophy back home again,” Trishna guaranteed. “That’s the mentality that we have.”

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