Chew on This: Nerdvana

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FRISCO – All you gamers out there who love to eat, there's a spot in Frisco just for you! It's Nerdvana Foods and Spirits – a place where partner and Chef Mike Junio feels right at home.

"I'm a big gamer,” Junio told Newsfix. "I've been playing video games since I was a kid. I had the first Atari. When my partners first came to me with this idea, I fell in love with it instantly. It's all the things that I love -- food and games."

Not only is Nerdvana allowing gamers to eat their hearts out with their favorite gaming systems, they're offering goodies like the velvet rope beef stroganoff and the brick chicken. Even brunch items like the bourbon pecan French toast and the ‘Game Over’ – complete with house made biscuits, chicken fried prime filet mignon and poached eggs topped with gravy.

"I love to see people's reactions when they get the subtle hints of the games ties in our plates,” Junio said.

Chew on This: Nerdvana is even serving up the Hadouken beef. "We based this dish on a Hadouken move out of a street fighter game,” Junio told Newsfix. "When you use your remote control angle on the D pad down, down right, and right. We have a plate presentation that does just that. The three pieces of appetizer angle down, down right, and right -- and then you get a sauce that's a heavy punched."

Not sweet enough for you? There's the ‘Badass boss monster milk shake.’

Twenty ounces of chocolate ice cream blended with chocolate chunks, housemade brownies, strawberries, and bananas.

Whether you're a gamer at heart – or just want to level up your dining experience – it's safe to say Nervanda is a winner!

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