McKinney 8-year-old takes on Michael Jackson dance for talent show and nails it!

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MCKINNEY -- Just a heads up, you need to mentally prepare yourself for cuteness overload. This time though, it`s not puppies or kittens, it`s an eight-year-old stealing Michael Jacksons moves!

Aiden Harris has gained social media fame in Collin County when his mom, Rebecca Young, posted a video on Facebook.

"I was telling him this morning I think it`s up to three hundred likes already and he was like... No way!" says Rebecca. "He asked me about a month ago, mom can you can me a white suit for my talent show, and I was like, yeah sure buddy I'll get you a white suit, sure!"

"She said it was going to be cute but it was really awesome!" says Aiden.

Rebecca agrees, "he did his routine and we were just like, oh my gosh! You really have been practicing!"

And all that practice has worked! Aiden made the cut for the school talent show tryouts!

So why MJ?

"I was really into his dancing when I first heard about him," says Aiden.

And he definitely does the late pop star justice, but if you`re thinking all this kid can do is move like MJ, you should hear him sing! Aiden and his brother can also sing a nice smooth "Beat It," by Michael Jackson.

For Aiden - it's just the beginning. He's got the real deal coming up may 24th.


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