The Real Thing? Story says flight attendant slapped baby!

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United Airlines has had a lot of bad press lately.

From a man being roughed up when he refused to leave a plane to the newlyweds who were booted for sitting in the wrong seats.

Yeah. They've got enough to deal with.

So this headline was the last thing they wanted to see.

"United Airlines flight attendant slaps crying baby during flight.

It supposedly happened on a flight from New York to Chicago, just a few hours after the infamous "flight bumping" incident.

The story says the baby had been screaming, And after asking the parents four times to quiet the baby,

the flight attendant grabbed the baby from his mother's arms and slapped him in the face.

The story comes from "Now 8 News," which sounds like a local TV station somewhere.

But their "about" page doesn't say where. It just says they're looking for top stories across the world.

And the story? Well, it doesn't list an author or even a date--two things you should look for on any story.

We checked the registration for  The site was just created in 2015. And all the info about it is private, so we don't know who's behind it.

They've got a lot more crazy stories like, "Morgue Employee Cremated By Mistake While Taking A Nap," and "Man On Crystal Meth Kills 12 Neighbors, Thinking They're Zombies."

So before you believe some of those crazy stories, check to see who they're really from.

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