Boom Box: Hip Hop and the military

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DALLAS -- You don't have to wait until Veterans Day to salute the brave men and women who protect us by serving in the armed forces.

It got us around the radio station talking about hip hop artist that have served in the military. And there are quite a few!

For instance, Louisiana rapper Mystikal speaks freely about his years in the army. Not only was he a No Limit Soldier, but a U.S. Soldier as well.

The same goes with No Malice, formally of Clipse, and Ice-t. They both enlisted in the Army and served their country proudly.

Another artist who is not shy about their military service is Shaggy. He`s a proud marine along with Nate Dogg.

Now, we talked about hip hop in the Army and Marines, but what about the Navy or Air Force? Well, before Can’t Touch This and that terrible Addams Family song, Hammer was sporting a Navy uniform. We assume he couldn't wait to get out of all that tight polyester after his service and get into some parachute pants!

As far as the Air Force is concerned, there's Fresh Kid Ice from 2 Live Crew who served proudly before teaming up with Uncle Luke in Miami!

Thanks for the hip hop guys and your service!

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