Surveillance camera catches jerks destroying a scooter in Deep Ellum

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DALLAS -- What’s up with security cameras catching jerks destroying stuff around here?

Yeah, last week we showed you this footage out of Denton of a random dude punching and breaking an innocent weather station.

Now flash over to Deep Ellum. Check out this surveillance footage from Saturday night, taken outside of the Armoury bar:

You see a crowd of not-so-sober people walking down the sidewalk when suddenly two guys start kicking a parked scooter, breaking it! What is wrong with y'all?

The scooter was owned by one of the employees at the Armoury and appears to be totaled.

We talked with the owner of the Armoury and he said that it’s become a pretty big problem down there, with several employees cars being vandalized in the past.

In fact, the destroyed scooter was actually stolen back in January before the owner finally recovered it four days later! So yeah, it’s been a rough few months for this little scooter.

Obviously, you know the drill! If you recognize either of these guys, let DPD know about them. And in the meantime, maybe catch an Uber down to Deep Ellum instead of leaving your vehicle parked and defenseless on the street!

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