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Dallas Holocaust Museum speaker sends powerful message

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DALLAS -- The Washington, D.C. Holocaust Memorial Museum wasn't the only one to have a special guest speaker for Yom Hashoah, one of the Holocaust Remembrance Days.

Tuesday, Bert Romberg spoke to students at the Dallas Holocaust Museum about what he and his sister experienced in the Kindertransport.

"We're just fortunate that we can live this long," Romberg said. "She's going to be 88. I'll be 87 in a couple of months."

Quick lesson: Kindertransport is not the transportation of the ever popular Kinder Eggs. It's the rescue of about 10,000 Jewish children from Nazi occupied countries and their travel to stay with private citizens in England in the late 1930's.

Now, Bert tells his story to thousands of children across the country, "It's just a gift from God that we can do this, that we lived long enough to do this."

Bert says his mother was able to get a Visa to take them across the border when he was eight years old.

"I don't remember being scared. I don't think you get scared until you mature. I do remember living a charmed life. The Brits were good to me," he said.

While his story takes a turn for the better, he has a message to those living the good life, "Be aware that these harsh social changes can happen very quickly."

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