Weed water? New product promises health and energy!

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FORT WORTH -- Like donkeys and elephants in politics, the water vs. sports drink debate's been going on for years in athletic circles. Now we've got a budding contender up in this joint, and it's turning the hydration conversation green!

"We're getting into about a year (using it). All my arthritis, the pain's gone," said Gridiron MVP Water creator Darren Long. "The energy level, I haven't felt this good, even when I was in high school."

Long played in the USFL and the NFL, and the grind left chronic issues.

"I really started going downhill very fast, and I had no energy," Long said at last weekend's Southwest Cannabis Conference in Fort Worth. "I'm talking two o' clock, I was done for the day. It was hard getting out of bed, constantly tired all the time."

To put it bluntly, the answer was an H2O makeover.

"There's nothing in water. It's dead water now, and we are just now creating and bringing living water back into it," Long said. "What we're using is the Nano CBD, and it's done amazing stuff for a lot of people with a bunch of issues."

Sounds like he's saying we're living like a bunch of mineral-lacking dopes, and Hemp-2O is the answer!

The product is Gridiron MVP Water, and it mixes minerals with CBD. If you're not familiar with CBD, it stands for cannabidiol. It's a cannabis product, legal in Texas and 43 other states, that doesn't give you that stoner high.

Long trusts his MVP water even for his own son.

"I have one that had ADHD and tics," he said. "Started him on this product also. This kid is top kid in the nation in wrestling. He doesn't have this stuff anymore. It just turned his whole life around."

If he's right, the future's in weed water. Drink up!