That’s wack! New study says gender wage gap starts with college major

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SAUSALITO, CA -- Caps and gowns, degrees, then onto trying to find a job. But when you do finally get a job, does it ever seem like you're not getting paid as much as some of your fellow graduates?

It's that sneaky gender pay gap that might get you and according to Glassdoor, it starts when you pick your college major.

The career site studied over 46,900 resumes and learned the higher paying jobs, like engineering, are mostly dominated by males. The lower paying careers, like social work, are mainly female-dominated. Not only that, but they discovered even when men and women have the same major, men still make more money.

Get this: if a guy and gal have the same major, they face an average 11.5% pay gap the first five years of their career.

How about instead of picking a new major, we just fix the wage gap altogether.