Mayor says atheism is the reason people are in poverty

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SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio mayor, Ivy R. Taylor, believes that not having a relationship with God is the reason their citizens are in poverty.

During a mayoral candidate forum for the upcoming election, Mayor Taylor was asked her stance on the cause of generational poverty in San Antonio.

“To me, it’s broken people,” Taylor says, “people not being in a relationship with their creator, and therefore not being in good relationships with their families, their communities, and not being productive members of society.”

Her answer has seen backlash weeks after the forum.

Fifteen percent of people in San Antonio live below the poverty line. Taylor made no mention of the city’s minimum wage, job creation rate or social service programs that would help with the city’s poverty issues.

The mayor was previously on thin ice for comments about the LGBT community and her religious beliefs. She believes that people shouldn’t be forced to treat everyone equally if it goes against their faith or moral values.