Cowboys gear up for the NFL Draft

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Stephen Jones, Jerry Jones, and Jason Garrett address the media during the Cowboys Pre-Draft press conference.

FRISCO, TX — The NFL Draft is just three days away, and for Cowboys fans, getting some help on defense is priority number one!

After all, the D couldn’t get the big stops in the playoffs and *then* lost 7 key free agents, so restocking and upgrading is key, and the Boys like their spot in the draft.

“That spot, 28th spot, there are a lot of players at those positions that give us some options,” said owner Jerry Jones. “And we’ve got some position flex within our own roster.”

Unlike last year, Dallas will be drafting late in the first round. So how can you be sure of a guy making an immediate impact after 27 other teams passed on him?

“That’s the art of the draft, that’s the art of the deal,” Stephen Jones said. “And certainly we’re rolling up our sleeves and doing as much work as possible so we can make these good, sound decisions when the opportunities present themselves.”

And that decision will be a defensive player, riiiiight?

“You can’t just go in and say it’s positively, absolutely going to be this,” Stephen Jones added. “I think that’s why we’ve drafted well in the first round. We haven’t just said, ‘Hey we’re going to go to the next defensive player. We’re going to go to the next defensive player.”

So the odds still say the Boys will go defense Thursday night, but nothing is guaranteed. After all, it wouldn’t be Draft Night with the Cowboys without a little high drama.