College grad’s viral tweet gets sweet revenge on stepdad

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YPSILANTI, MI -- Most college students have one goal. Graduation! Daivon Reeder is like many college graduates, glad it's over! Granted, he hit a few speed bumps along the way, but what college kid doesn't?

"I lost my scholarship at one point in time and I had to work really hard to get it back. It took me three years to get it back," Reeder said.

Unlike some graduates, he had a point to prove to one person in particular: his stepdad.

"He told me it was pointless to go to orientation, I wasn't going to graduate," Reeder said.

Show him he did! Daivon graduated with a degree in criminal justice and a minor in military science at Eastern Michigan University.

After Daivon graduated, he tweeted this:

His post has gone viral with close to a 150,000 retweets! However, he says he couldn't have done any of it without his mom and his mentor.

"She says it's gonna be ok, 'it's almost done, you're done, you got it, we got it," Reeder said about his mom.

"By pure belief in himself, he's going to get through it because knowing that God has the ultimate decision to make, and he always is on his side, for greatness."