Southwest Cannabis Conference hits Fort Worth this weekend

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FORT WORTH -- 4/20 might be over, but for marijuana advocates, the high times are just getting started.

At the Fort Worth Convention Center, setup is underway for the second annual Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo, where speakers and business folks from near and far will roll up to share ideas and educate the public on the up-and-coming cannabis industry.

"People can come here, whether they're taxpayers, or citizens, or media, or politicians," said Demitri Downing, the Conference's Executive Director, "and explore and discuss and get inspired by what this new industry that's evolving across America, and eventually here in Texas, looks like."

While that conference will be going on all weekend, the legalization activists at DFW NORML are planning a big Fort Worth event of their own.  They'll march for marijuana on May 6.

"There's gonna be thousands of people in the streets," DFW NORML's leader Shaun McAlister said Thursday. "Protesting cannabis prohibition for the umpteenth time."

Who knows if these efforts will lead to quick change here in the Lone Star State? Their best hope right now is House Bill 81, which would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of pot.

So, it'll still be a while before Texas joins the growing ranks of legal states, but hey, that doesn't mean it's a pipe dream!

"As legalization occurs, we will have a medicinal marijuana country," Downing said. "That will be the eventual result across the United States."

And in the meantime, lots of folks are getting involved.

Whether they see it as a business opportunity, a medical necessity or they're just fighting for their right to party, there's plenty to buzz about.